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I am both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Oklahoma.  I earned my Bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER!), my Master's Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and completed my practicum and supervision working with young people in the Community At Risk (CARS) Program, as well as families and adults in the Logan County area. After several years outside of Edmond, I returned to invest my time and passion within my own community. 

I have worked in many different settings with people of all ages, ethnicities, orientations, and beliefs. I base my practice in cognitive behavior therapy but equally find value in both family systems and solution focused approaches. I will always prioritize education, training  and research in my field  while providing services and building effective relationships through the use of evidence based practices.

The counseling journey can be equally challenging and rewarding.  It is an honor to be on this path with each client as I take the trust and hope that is fostered between us very seriously.  I look forward to most days as an adventure, hoping to assist in finding renewed feelings of hope and strength that can only come with each individual's personal experience and insight.  When we are hopeful, we take better care of ourselves, our resilience grows and we are more more likely to participate in meaningful and connected relationships.

There is no place for judgement in therapy.  I am committed to providing a confidential environment free of bias and judgement allowing you the safety and security to freely express yourself.  All sessions, whether in office or online, are a safe space for you to be you.

"Real Hero" by Brian Andreas

"Real Hero" by Brian Andreas

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