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Making the choice to seek help is a challenging decision for most of us, especially with the added consideration of time, work schedules, family and provider availability.  In order to assist clients who might be struggling with time flexibility, I offer teletherapy appointments.

Teletherapy brings client and provider together from your location via video conferencing similar to Facetime and Skype.


In order to maintain confidentiality, I use  a HIPAA compliant video platform that protects client privacy and the confidentiality of protected personal health information. Prior to a scheduled appointment, you will receive a session specific link for you to use to enter the session.  Although the service does work on mobile phones, for your own privacy, I recommend using a  personal computer in a location free from disturbance.  


Fees for teletherapy are the same as office appointments.


If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please contact me.

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