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I am proud to be an approved supervisor for LPC Candidates in Oklahoma.  My goal is to provide candidates with practical strategy and resources as they complete the required hours to licensure.  I believe supervision should allow for space to focus on the quality of the therapist/client relationship and to examine both the strengths and weaknesses each candidate experiences in the process.  The structure of supervision can vary but will always include client discussions, assessment and feedback.  In addition, I will help you navigate documentation and the paperwork process at the beginning as well as help you explore your personal goals for the future.


In addition to individual supervision, group supervision is utilized (when possible) to allow candidates the opportunity to share their own experiences and provide feedback to one another.


I am always happy to answer questions or meet to discuss the process, please feel free to contact me for more information or to schedule a time to meet. I enjoy helping candidates find confidence in their own professional identity. 


Please remember that you are interviewing supervisors as much as supervisors are interviewing you. Ask questions, get referrals and talk to many.  You are going to be spending some time together!

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